Our Team

Robert Johnson Professional Picture

I provide individual, couple, family and group counseling. I have lead domestic violence groups, aggression control classes, ADHD classes, and codependency workshops.

Debbie Tomasovic professional picture

I enjoy using Ecotherapy techniques to strengthen the deep connection between our mental health and the natural world.

Julia Archibald counseling photo

I welcome clients who are grieving losses, making difficult decisions, and wanting a better way of living. I think laughter is still the best medicine.

Laura Aubert Profile Picture

I recognize that each person is unique in their struggles, successes, and lived experiences and how they can shape the way they interact with their environment.

Nancy Kyrié Campbell

I work with each individual in a way that empowers them to stay in charge of their own therapeutic process.

Callie Cheary Profile picture

I believe you are the expert on your own life. There is no one who knows more about you than you do.

Cheryl Garman

I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in the state of a Washington. I believe that counseling is experiential, that it can and should be transformative.

Scott Groseclose

I am a caring and collaborative therapist that helps my clients to become the best version of themselves. I am passionate about helping my clients work through life’s troubles. I enjoy working with Individuals, Couples, and Teenagers. 

Anita Gushurst counseling photo

I assist clients in practicing more mindful, and authentic ways of connecting with those that they are in relationship with. I help individuals not just cure symptoms, but help them thrive in all areas of their life.

Colette Lynch-Sajo

We all learn and heal in our own way and time. Counseling should be a creative and adaptive journey.

Hannah Martin ABWCS

The journey of counseling isn’t always a steep climb to a destined summit, it can also
be repeated hills and valleys on a continuous journey through life.

Caleb Merryman

I encourage clients to identify and challenge their unhelpful thinking and behavior patterns while offering education and practice in communicating, giving way to improved moods and more enriching relationships with others

Heidi Nolan Counseling Photo

I have a strong desire to help people where they are at and provide them with new tools to deal with difficult situations, experiences, and/or emotions.

Nicole Parson Profile Picture

My goal is to create a space together where your story can be heard and honored, a space where shame and judgment do not breathe.

Tina Powell counseling picture

I am passionate for deinstitutionalization, decriminalization, and social justice for persons experiencing mental distress.

Lauren Salerno Professional Counseling Photo

My approach uses a combination of creative expression and talk-therapy techniques to help clients achieve their mental health goals. I am passionate about the healing power of arts and the development of creative coping strategies clients can take with them and use in their everyday life.

Julia Schetky

I believe there is a significant difference between “all are welcome here” & “This was created with you in mind.” I believe therapy is like this. We will work together to find what works best for you and make it your space. I’m casual in my approach, but serious about helping clients.

Wendy Scott ABWCS

I help others find their own compass to healing, by supporting them where they are in the moment, and reminding them that our yesterdays don't have to predict our tomorrows, while we still have today.

Jamee Shermer

I believe healing, freedom and hope gives you the opportunity to walk awake, present, and connected to what you want in your life.

Default Image

During the last 26 years I have worked with a wide variety of disorders, and have gained experience in tailoring the treatment model and plan to each clients individual needs.

Kat Williams

I believe in the power of connection to help us heal and grow.

Melissa Cantwell

When considering your mental health, I believe it is possible to heal, cope and create emotional well-being with the support of healthy human connection. Your mental health matters, no matter your age, situation or circumstances.

Kathy Cox

I align with the belief that everyone has their own inherent wisdom and their own path toward transformation. In service of your journey, I provide a space where your innate knowing is supported and drawn from as we honor, explore, and attend to what matters to you.

Tucker Gerhardt

Seeking therapy is a profound and courageous step. I aim to honor that courage by creating a safe and inclusive space where clients can explore their unique way of being in the world free from judgment.

Michael Maini

I work with individuals and groups, who are interested in using their history of stress and trauma to find peace and gain strength as they move forward.

Connor O’Bryan

My intention is to create therapeutic relationships with my clients that emphasize trust, empathy, and respect.

Megan Parrott

The yin-yang has always been a powerful symbol for me. Life as a whole is a mixture of good and bad, and the two can never fully be separated because some bad comes from the good, and some good from that bad. We are not meant to be perfect; we are meant to be whole. We need both experiences to add to our perspective and fully appreciate the positives in our life.

Brandi Schultz

My method combines person-centered strategies with creative expression to assist clients in achieving their mental health goals. I am passionate about the therapeutic process and benefits of the arts and helping individuals develop innovative coping strategies they may apply to their daily lives.

Kylie Young

I believe therapy should look like a safe space for you to be yourself; to laugh, cry, get angry, and to learn and grow, and I am here to support you on your journey.