Eco Therapy

Eco Therapy suggests you are part of the natural world. Disconnection from the natural world can result in feeling lonely, isolated, depressed, anxious, and hopeless. Debbie Tomasovic specializes in Eco Therapy. The focus includes exploring your lifelong relationship with nature. In addition, creating an action plan for you to reconnect with nature in ways that are fulfilling and healing. This can include re-connection with other people, animals, and natural places. Some clients come into counseling with an overwhelming sense of grief or fear as they witness the polluting of our air, water, and soil.

Eco Therapy operates on the premise that nature nurtures us and we can, in turn, nurture nature. Whether it is growing plants in your home, having pets as companions, taking walks in the neighborhood park, planting trees with people in your community, or taking action to protect some specific element of nature that speaks to you. There are countless ways you can reconnect with nature, creating a more sustainable life for yourself and the earth, as a whole.

Debbie Tomasovic practices eco therapy

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