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A Better Way To Good Mental Health

A Better Way Counseling Service has created a YouTube Channel called A Better Way To Good Mental Health. The purpose of this channel is to provide education and awareness. This channel will cover a variety of topics such as mental health themes, styles of counseling, and what it means to work in the mental health profession.

Channel Introduction
Mental Health Counseling and Dealing with Anxiety

In this video, Robert Johnson speaks about anxiety, the root causes, and several techniques to deal with symptoms. He also explores how the media plays a part in exacerbating these symptoms.

Mental Health Counseling and Using the Digital Platform for Art Therapy

In this video, Gina Kanagawa Schwartz and Robert Johnson discuss the variety of techniques that can be utilized while doing art therapy. There is a segment where Gina explains how to use an art platform and different games to play with clients. Gina has updated her art therapy techniques to work within the digital age of counseling. Viewers will learn about several online trainings to become educated about using technology and video games during a counseling session.

Mental Health Counseling and the Use of Art Therapy When Working With Families

In this video, Gina Kanagawa Schwartz and Robert Johnson discuss how art therapy is used in an individual and family systems approach. Gina discusses the style and approach that she uses when working with parents. In addition, this video showcases the process and flow of utilizing art therapy. Art therapy is an experiential and sensory evocative style of counseling.

Mental Health Counseling and Religious Trauma

In this video, Robert Johnson interviews Julia Schetky about her religious trauma group. Julia discusses what religious trauma is and the different forms of religious trauma. In addition, Julia explains the potential lasting impacts of religious trauma on an individual.

Mental Health Counseling and Embracing Holiday Joy by Managing Holiday Stress

In this video, Robert Johnson is interviewed by one of his graduate student interns, Colette Lynch-Sajo. The holidays can be an extremely joyous time of the year, but for many, they come with stressful strings attached. Robert and Colette discuss 19 different stressors that can impact individuals during the holiday season. Are you feeling stressed out yourself? Well, we have good news for you. This video also contains 22 different solutions for stress!

Mental Health Counseling and Domestic Violence Perpetrator Treatment

In this video, Robert Johnson interviews Chris Huffine. Chris Huffine is a licensed psychologist and the executive director of Allies in Change, a counseling agency in Portland, Oregon. Robert and Chris have worked as group facilitators for domestic violence perpetrator treatment groups. Both offer a variety of training programs for fellow group facilitators.

Mental Health Counseling and SMART Goals

In this video, Wesley Curton interviews Colette Lynch-Sajo. Both Wesley and Colette are student interns at A Better Way Counseling Service. We thought this video on SMART goals would be fitting since the New Year is right around the corner! In this video, Wesley and Colette be discussing what SMART goals are and some additional tips to use when incorporating goals into our daily lives.

Mental Health Counseling and Burnout in the Helping Profession

In this video, Robert Johnson interviews Wesley Curton, an intern at A Better Way Counseling Service. Wesley created a therapy group that focuses on the impact of burnout on helping professionals. Robert and Wesley discuss common characteristics for burnout and why those in the helping profession are susceptible.

Mental Health Counseling and ADHD

In this video, Robert Johnson talks about attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Robert goes through common characteristics of ADHD and how that might present in individuals.