Counselors talking about addiction.

Anyone who is dealing with an addiction is causing damage to the quality of their life and to the lives of those around them. Even if they don’t know that is happening.  Addiction lives in secrecy.  Addicts usually do not know they have an addiction and can be very defensive when asked to consider that they might.  If you live with an addict, please see the section on Codependency.  If you think you might have an addiction and are ready to start talking about that, we can help you.  We are NOT an alcohol and drug addiction treatment agency.  We are not providing treatment for addictions. However, we can provide counseling for these issues. If you think you need inpatient or day treatment, please look for those agencies or we can help you do that.  However, if you are wanting to learn more, have come out of treatment, or are attending a 12 step program like AA, we can help you.

Addiction will progressively make your life worse and can eventually kill you if you do not deal with it.  Addictions can be fatal, but first, they kill many other aspects of your life.  They destroy relationships, marriages, families, self-respect, dignity, character, careers, income, savings, opportunities, friendships, growth, development, and your soul. If you think you have an addiction we can help you find a treatment center or provide counseling.  Counseling is not a substitute for treatment but an adjunct to treatment.  Counseling is also appropriate for people in 12 step programs or who already have attended a treatment program for addictions.