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Life Transitions/Divorce

Change in life is stressful. Divorce and other transitions in life naturally produce stress responses. Divorce can be a lengthy, arduous process in which you feel confused, angry, hurt, disappointed, scared, ashamed, grief, and loss. So many stressors must be dealt with, from your living situation, finances, child custody, possible loss of friendships and in-laws, and the overarching pain of the end of a relationship that you hoped would last forever. In a family, divorce can affect each family member differently, as well. One person may be hurt, one relieved, and one desperate to keep the divorce from occurring. This can create even more discourse and pain, as the family attempts to move through a divorce. Counseling focused on divorce gives you, your partner, and your family an opportunity to share these varying feelings and reactions, and discuss how to move through this transition with as much compassion and support as possible.

Other life transitions are stressful as well. Even positive changes can result in stress responses. Moving to a new city, starting or ending a career, starting to attend a new level of education, your adult children leaving home to live on their own, searching for new friendships due to recovery from addictions, caring for an elderly parent for the first time, or significant changes to your financial lifestyle can all impact how you are feeling and thinking about yourself and your life. Counseling can focus on caring for these feelings, accessing resources that are available to you, and seeking support to negotiate these stressful life transitions with greater success.