Picking a Therapist

Often when someone is picking a therapist, they do not spend much time shopping for the right one. Choosing your therapist should involve an interview process, in which you ask questions about how they are going to help you. All too often, individuals pick a therapist based on who returns their call first, who is on their insurance plan, or who they might have happened to come across.

So, what should you ask when picking a therapist? Here are some ideas:
  • First, you want to know a little bit about why you are seeking therapy. What do you hope to accomplish? What do you want to work on? The process of therapy may take you down different paths. However, in the beginning, you want to have some idea of what you hope to get from the experience.
  • With that knowledge in hand, you want to ask your potential therapist if they have experience working with these areas.
  • Then, ask how they work with this issue and what methods they use. When was the last time they had a client that had similar issues or needs? What will the process of healing these issues look like? Does the therapist have an idea of how the issues you want help with are transformed?

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