Colette Lynch-Sajo

Student Therapist (she/her)

Disclosure Statement

Colette Lynch-Sajo is a clinical mental health student intern, completing her Master’s in Counseling from Walden University.

I welcome all clients, including children, families, couples, and individuals. My passion is working with adolescents, teens, couples, and families on developing stronger interpersonal and intrapersonal skills. I started my career journey as a Kindergarten teacher, only to realize that it was the social and emotional aspects of my student’s family life that I felt a draw toward. We all learn and heal in our own way and time. Counseling should be a creative and adaptive journey. My approach incorporates behavioral, person-centered, and creative therapies.

I utilize a combination of techniques from cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), rational emotive behavioral therapy (REBT), narrative therapy, motivational interviewing (MI), and creative approaches. During counseling, we will work on communication, problem-solving, and conflict resolution skills. Together we will discover where maladaptive learned behaviors and thought processes stem from and work on replacement behaviors and cognition. My goal is to strengthen motivation, resilience, and efficacy while working within your worldview and comfort level in a creative and judgment-free environment. We will develop stronger self-confidence and applicable coping skills that translate to all challenges within your life. I work with clients on issues such as PTSD, trauma, anxiety, sexuality, depression, body image, learning and behavioral-based difficulties, family issues, coping skills, and other counseling-related issues. 

**Offers low sliding-scale fee 

Areas of Specialty: