Melissa Cantwell

LMHCA (She/Her)

When considering your mental health, I believe it is possible to heal, cope and create emotional well-being with the support of healthy human connection. Your mental health matters, no matter your age, situation or circumstances.

Melissa Cantwell Disclosure Statement

I’m a Licensed Mental Health Counselor Associate and this is a second career for me.  I spent 18 years in the world of public education as a special education teacher who specialized in neurodivergent populations and high levels of behavior.  The majority of my career has been spent supporting families and their children through the education system with the resources they need to succeed. I have worked with children ages 3-21 with a wide variety of disabilities such as autism, ADHD, visual impairments, dyslexia, communication disorders, anxiety, depression, and more.  I found that my true passion is working on the emotional, social, and self aspects of life with children and their families.  This has led me to my second career.  I look forward to helping children, teens, adults, and families with finding their inner strength and emotional well-being.   

I gravitate towards a diverse approach to counseling and will always collaborate with the family or individual based on their needs.  The journey of healing and emotional well-being is a personal voyage, so flexibility in methods and theory is important based on the client’s needs.  I have been trained in trauma-focused cognitive behavioral therapy, mindfulness, crisis counseling, and trauma-informed care. I’m continuing my education by learning more about Dialectical Behavioral Therapy and Family Systems.   My purpose is to support my clients with their personal goals and be the supportive connection they need to make the journey a little easier.


Luna is a certified therapy dog who brings a lot of comfort to the therapeutic setting.  She is a 7-year-old goldendoodle who was a school-based therapy dog. Initially, Luna worked at an elementary school to support children with emotional regulation, anxiety, and stress.  Once the pandemic hit she was officially retired from schools and has moved on with her handler and owner, Melissa Cantwell, to join in the counseling world.  Luna enjoys meeting new people and has a calm demeanor, she has excellent instincts for when someone needs comfort.  Melissa brings Luna to most therapy sessions unless Luna is under the weather or is just having one of those days.


Areas of Specialty: