Emily Hoyt

Student Therapist (She/Her)

Through kindness, compassion, and empathy, I employ a person-centered approach to counseling. I serve families, couples, and individuals through an attachment lens with a focus on strengths and emotional safety.

Emily Hoyt Disclosure Statement

Let’s create a space that is free from judgment and safe for exploring your thoughts and feelings. I believe that focusing on your strengths allows you to move toward greater ease.

Relational trauma and relational distress lead to such deep suffering and can impact every part of your life. People are social creatures and our connections to family, friends, and partners are essential to our well-being. Drawing from attachment science, I work with couples, families, and individuals to work toward emotional healing and relationship repair.

Working within your window of tolerance, I am honored to hear your story and learn about your struggles and triumphs. I incorporate somatic work, grounding skills, and education about trauma responses in the brain and body.

My background is in children and families. I have served children and families with special needs for many years in a variety of settings and roles. I have experience helping children with emotional regulation, social skills, friendships, perspective taking, and social inferences. Parents of children with special needs have unique challenges and deserve therapy as well. Prioritizing your self-care will make you a happier and healthier parent.

I have also worked with couples and families in crisis in a brief intervention model. The families I served struggled with stressors including: chronic mental illness, trauma, addiction, food insecurity, homelessness, and domestic violence. Through this work, I have learned to meet every person where they are. I hold space for your pain and frustration, while we make a plan to move forward into hope.

 Areas of Specialty

Special Needs Parenting Relationships
Social Skills Trauma
Parenting Autism Spectrum
Anxiety Depression