Kathy Cox

Student Therapist (She/Her)

I align with the belief that everyone has their own inherent wisdom and their own path toward transformation. In service of your journey, I provide a space where your innate knowing is supported and drawn from as we honor, explore, and attend to what matters to you.

Kathy Cox Disclosure Statement

Kathy Cox (she/her) is a student therapist receiving her Master of Science in Counseling with a somatic emphasis from Prescott College.

Counseling will be my third vocation, though I have been surrounded by counselors and sources of wisdom and compassion via family, friends, nature, and mentors all my life. My previous careers involved teaching ESL and working as a professional gardener. These past vocations and decades of life experience instilled in me the desire to co-create safe, supportive spaces for learning, living, and connecting.

It’s often hard to be a human, and it’s natural to need support. Modern life is full of a variety of demands and, at times, can feel overwhelming and confusing, trigger limiting beliefs, and stir up so much more within us and between us. A counseling session may involve inviting curiosity and compassion to explore the challenges you are facing, or we may utilize tools that help ease stress or serve in befriending the natural occurrences of anxiety or fear. Together, as we meet what unfolds, we will invite and draw from the inherent strengths and wisdom within you, work with what arises, and find tools or practices for you to use in everyday life.

While attending to what brings each client to therapy, I may draw from an array of therapies, fields, and tools, such as mindfulness, body awareness, polyvagal theory, nervous system regulation, and attachment theory. I orient from Person-Centered Therapy as a guiding force in the counseling process. I have training in the experiential Hakomi Method and an interest in the work of Internal Family Systems. I see value in learning and combining approaches. Ultimately, my aim in the counseling process is to use interventions and tools that align and support wherever you are in your journey as well as where you desire to go or be.

“The ultimate purpose of inquiry is that it allows us to pause. In the space of a pause, the truth can shine through.” Tara Brach

Areas of Specialty

  • Grief and Loss
  • Resilience
  • Self-esteem
  • Life Transitions
  • Aging