Domestic Violence

Domestic violence can include many types of abusive behavior such as physical, verbal, psychological, emotional, property, economic, or sexual abuse. Abuse always includes various types of controlling behavior that often result in a relationship defined by power and control. Controlling behaviors can include intimidation, manipulation, giving orders, a constant need to be right, micro-managing, as well as passive aggressive behaviors like withdrawal, shutting down, and dismissive comments.

A Better Way Counseling is a Washington State Certified Domestic Violence Treatment Agency.  We provide Domestic Violence Treatment (DV) for men and women who are court ordered to be in DV treatment.  Our DV Treatment program follows the guidelines outlined in the WAC 388-60 that defines how DV treatment is done in Washington state.  Voluntary individuals that want to enter the DV program may do so and must follow the same guidelines. All DV treatment starts with an intake session before entering group.  Our DV Treatment program helps men and women learn and practice non violent methods of dealing with conflict in relationships.

Our philosophy is that we cannot teach respect by being disrespectful. Our Anger Management/Domestic Violence groups are designed to teach non violence, accountability, conflict resolution, boundary setting, assertiveness instead of aggression, and a variety of other concepts related to being less controlling and abusive. We believe that respect is essential to model as well as teach these concepts.




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