Struggling with anxiety

Quote about anxiety and feeling anxious

This post is for individuals who are struggling with anxiety. How do I know if that is me?

Are you feeling overwhelmed and anxious? Is the hustle and bustle of a busy life catching up to you? You are not alone. Around 18-19% of the population suffers from an anxiety disorder, but only about 37% of those individuals seek treatment. Left untreated, anxiety can create a spiral. There are many clinicians at A Better Way Counseling service who specialize in working with anxiety. Check out our team page to learn more about our clinicians.

Here are five suggestions for ways to decrease anxiety:

  1. Take time for yourself. Set aside 5-10 minutes just for you.
  2. Practice coping skills. Create a list of all the ways you deal with stress. Think of one new technique to try!
  3. Track your stressors. What things are causing you stress? Which ones were worth it? Which can be let go of?
  4. Appreciate yourself. Choose one thing you like about your life or yourself and write it down.
  5. Engage in guided imagery. Sit quietly and imagine yourself in a relaxing place. Bring all your senses in.

We recommend the video “Mental Health Counseling and Dealing with Anxiety” for individuals struggling with their anxiety.

Photo credit: Robert Johnson