Our DVDs can be used for personal growth and professional development! Each DVD contains information that will help further your awareness and education. They are a great addition to any counseling, recovery, or other support you’re currently involved in.

Racism, Sexism, Homophobia, and Other Forms of Oppression

This class looks at Racism, Sexism, Homophobia, and other forms of oppression and how these issues show up in Domestic Violence treatment. You will learn how to address these concepts and talk about them in Domestic Violence. The class also looks at our own biases and predetermined conceptions. This class provides 4 CEU’s.

Domestic Violence Advanced Training 

This 5.5 hour DV training video was filmed to be a tool to help train our domestic violence counseling staff.  It should offer anyone interested in domestic perpetrator counseling a lot of ideas on how to work in groups. It is by no means a definitive manual on how to do groups, it is just a collection of methods and concepts we believe are helpful to be aware of when working with DV groups.

ADD, Entrepreneurship, Creativity & Business

This DVD focuses on the characteristics of ADHD and how it affects your career or business life in both a positive and destructive manner. Included is a general description of ADHD and how to treat it. The relationship between entrepreneurship, salesmanship, marketing, creativity, and ADHD is explored.  It also addresses how to tap into and utilize the natural creative side people with ADHD have.

Codependency & Adult Children of the Afflicted (ACOA)

This DVD focuses on what codependency is, how it affects your life and relationships, and how to treat it. You will acquire a general understanding of codependency and how it relates to ACOA. You will learn ways to focus on yourself, how to say no to others when needed, ask for what you need, set boundaries and limits for yourself, and much more!

ADHD, Codependency & Their Effects on Relationships

This DVD focuses on the characteristics of ADHD and codependency.  We explore how each condition affects the quality of relationships and how to change behavior to lessen their impact. When ADHD is present in a relationship, codependency is commonly co-occurring. Oftentimes, neither partner is aware of the effect these conditions have on the relationship. Learning how to recognize and change behavior can lead to more effective, healthy, and intimate relationships.