Domestic Violence Assessment

Domestic Violence & Anger Management Assessment – $145Image00001sm

A Domestic Violence assessment is required as the first step to start in our domestic violence/anger management classes. Assessments must be prepaid to reserve an appointment. If you have any current or upcoming family court/custody cases, we are not able to provide these services for you at this time. If CPS or DCYF is sponsoring you, please give us a call as we can take these cases specifically. Please be sure to fill out the Domestic violence the Pre-assessment form before attending your assessment session. Please bring any court paper work that describes what they are asking you to do. If you have questions about what you need to do to get started please call our office at 360-281-6824.

A Better Way Counseling is a Washington State Certified Domestic Violence Perpetrator Treatment Agency. We provide Domestic Violence (DV) Perpetrator Treatment for men and women who are court-ordered to be in DV treatment. Our DV Treatment program follows the guidelines outlined in the WAC 110-60A that defines how DV treatment is done in Washington state. Voluntary individuals that want to enter the DV program may do so and must follow the same guidelines. All DV treatment starts with an assessment before entering a group. Our DV Treatment program helps men and women learn and practice nonviolent methods of dealing with conflict in relationships.

Domestic violence treatment, as directed by state law, is primarily done in a group setting. In rare cases, individual counseling may serve as part of domestic violence treatment. Couple’s counseling is never offered as part of domestic violence treatment because it has proven to be the most dangerous form of treatment for abusive relationships.

Mental Health Evaluations – $245

Whether you are court-ordered to do so, or just want to understand what you are struggling with, mental health evaluations can help you get clear about what type of counseling you need.  If you are choosing to enter ongoing counseling, then a mental health evaluation will occur as part of that process with no additional fee involved.