Aggression Control Workshop

Aggression Control workshops are open to anyone, men and women, wanting to learn more about anger management and aggressive behavior. Some clients are court ordered to complete Level 1 (one day, 8 hours) or Level 2 (two days, 16 hours) classes. The workshops are educational classes that offer many different teachings regarding dealing with feelings, people, and situations without using aggression.


You will learn about:

  • Feelings, why you have them, and how to take care of them
  • Connection between your feelings, thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors
  • Where your beliefs come from
  • How they influence your behaviors

We teach:

  • Conflict resolution skills, self care, and assertiveness techniques
  • Identifying controlling our behaviors
  • Alternatives to these controlling behaviors
  • Impact of aggressive behaviors on adults and children who witness these behaviors
  • Methods to reduce abusive and controlling behavior

Each participant will leave with tools they can use right away to change the way they respond to difficult situations. These classes are taught in a positive supportive environment and are designed to focus upon the learning. Every teacher uses non shaming methods of teaching.

It needs to be stated that this class is often just a starting point for treating anger management issues.  Anger management is often best treated in an ongoing group, which we also offer.

ACW Level 1 is $90 and ACW Level 2 is $175. You can access both online, on demand, here.

You will need to create a login once to access your courses. Payment is accepted via PayPal, which is free to use.

You will have 30 days to complete the course once purchased. Please email your confirmation code to [email protected] once you have completed, to receive your certificate.

Please be aware that any records pertaining to the workshop will be stored for 2 years since completion and will require a $15 administrative fee. After 2 years, we will not be able to provide any copies of your records.