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Looking for some ways to learn more?

Our DVDs are a great way to learn more! Each DVD contains information that will help further your awareness and education. They are a great addition to any counseling, recovery or other support you’re currently involved in.

We have two DVD sets for sale at this time. Each set of DVDs has 6 hours of information and comes in a package of three discs.

We will offer more topics in the near future.

Our Codependency & ACOA DVD focuses on what co-dependency is, how it affects your life, relationships, and how to treat it.

Patterns of Co-Dependency Include:
Feeling responsible for others behavior, feelings and afflictions
Focusing more on other people than on yourself
Doing what isn’t your responsibility and what you don’t want to do
Doing what other people are capable of doing and need to do for themselves
Getting involved in what isn’t your business
Taking care of people’s feelings or problems; neglecting your own
Not saying what you need
Compulsively care-taking and not knowing how or when to stop
Not setting boundaries and limits for yourself
Not saying NO when you need to

Our ADHD, Entrepreneurship, Creativity, & Business DVD focuses on the characteristics of ADHD and how it affects your business life. It also addresses how to tap into and utilize the natural creative side people with ADHD have. We also look at the struggles people with ADHD have in their career and business life.

Characteristics of ADHD include:
Being Highly Creative
Being Overwhelmed Often
Having lots of interests
Trying to do too much
Being disorganized
Being much smarter then the average
Having lots of great even brilliant ideas with not enough organization to follow through
Feeling unsuccessful regardless of how successful you really are
Expecting something bad to happen, the other shoe to drop
Changing things a lot, jobs, relationships, living environments
Intolerance of boredom
Easily Distracted
Difficulty staying focused especially on mundane tasks like paperwork
Entrepreneurial – Often owns own business or in Sales or PR related work
Highly skilled at Ideas and Concepts

You may purchase these DVDs bellow by selecting the topic of DVD you’d like and clicking “buy now”. Each set is $75.00, the payment bellow includes a small processing fee. You may also purchase the DVD’s by stopping by our office at 601 E. McLoughlin Blvd. Vancouver, WA 98663. We can also be reached by phone at (360) 281-6824 to answer questions or to take your payment over the phone.

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