Anxiety/Social Anxiety

The occurrence of anxiety is a powerful reminder of the mind body connection that exists. Anxiety is both a set of physiological reactions that occur in your body, such as trembling, heart racing, sweating, and a set of beliefs or assumptions that are affecting your thoughts and behaviors. Panic attacks, sleepless nights, chronic worry, irritability, avoidance of places, persons, or things are just a few of the ways anxiety can dramatically affect your quality of life. Treatment of anxiety includes examining this mind body connection. You will learn to identify the physiological warning signals connected to certain feelings and thoughts. You will practice self soothing techniques to care for these reactions. Together, we will examine your beliefs attached to prior anxiety provoking events and replace them with more accurate, life sustaining beliefs. You will identify parts of your life that have been damaged or avoided due to anxiety and gradually bring those missing parts of your life back into existence.

A common, yet very painful form, of anxiety is social anxiety. Social anxiety is different from shyness or introversion, which can also affect your comfort interacting with people. Treating introversion involves coming to understand and accept your natural way of recharging energy after social interaction. Social anxiety occurs when someone’s negative fear-based beliefs about themselves affect their comfort level in various social situations. Whether it is talking to people at a party, returning something to a store, learning how to do something new in front of others, or talking on the phone, social anxiety can have a tremendous impact upon your daily social interactions. In treatment, you will work to identify and transform the inaccurate beliefs about yourself that limit you socially, develop self soothing skills, and increase your ability to cope effectively with all types of social situations.

We also offer an ongoing, weekly anxiety and depression group for men to get additional support.




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